Useful links

The following list of sites which may be of interest to visitors to the MISRA site is provided without any endorsement or recommendation by MISRA. All links open in a new window.

Safety-related systems sites

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Safety-Critical Systems
Functional Safety Zone, guide to IEC 61508 published by the International Electrotechnical Commission
Advances in Safety Critical Systems, an on-line book describing results and achievements from the DTI/EPSRC R&D programme in safety critical systems. Includes references to the original MISRA Project
International Organization for Standardization (ISO), publish the 1994 MISRA Guidelines as ISO/TR 15497 and ISO 26262.

MISRA Members

AB Automotive Electronics Ltd
Bentley Motors
Delphi Diesel Systems
Ford Motor Company Ltd
Jaguar Cars Ltd
Land Rover
Lotus Engineering
Protean Electric Ltd
Ricardo plc
TRW Automotive Electronics
The University of Leeds
Visteon Engineering Services UK Ltd

Tools supporting MISRA C and MISRA C++

The following list of links to vendors selling tools which support MISRA C and/or MISRA C++ is provided for information only. No endorsement of these tools by MISRA is implied. MISRA has not verified the tools' implementation of MISRA C or MISRA C++. It is the user's own responsibility to satisfy themselves that these tools are suitable for the intended purpose.

Cosmic Software
Esterel Technologies
Gimpel Software
Green Hills Software
Hitex UK (embedded tools reseller)
IAR Systems
Oakwood Computing
Phaedrus Systems Ltd (embedded tools reseller)
Programming Research Ltd
Scientific Toolworks Inc
Suresoft Technologies Inc
TASKING Software Tools